May 19, 2023

The OSA Standards Panel has a wealth of experience in the optical field and many of its members represent UK interests at international, European and British Standards steering committee meetings. This brings insights into standard development and reviews.

The OSA Panel is keen to remind practitioners who glaze on site, or assemble glasses using remote edged lenses, of their mandatory obligation to register with the MRHA.

Nickel release; review of spectacle lens blanks; measurement of the refractive index of finished lenses; and reports on power and prism measurements are all regularly reviewed. Updates to eye protection guidance relating to biological hazards, plus squash ball, cycling and running protection are watched closely.  PFA relevance to contact lenses and lens coatings, plus monitoring of blue light research are also kept under scrutiny by the Panel.

“We address a wide variety of concerns which come to the OSA. This recently included a question about magnets used in sun clip-ons being acceptable for people with pacemakers.  Many of the questions we receive are relevant to the wider optical community,” said Andrew Sanders, Chair of the OSA Standards Panel.

Ready Readers are classed as a Medical Device under MRHA legislation – a fact highlighted by the OSA Standards Panel, which is keen to ensure that no optical business falls foul of the rules.

All optical businesses importing and dispensing frames of any description should ensure they are compliant, urged the OSA Panel, which continues to maintain a key eye on any dispensing changes which could affect the industry and profession.


For further details about the OSA Standards Panel please contact:

Marianne [email protected]