Members’ Meetings

The regular (normally biannual) Members’ Meetings provide the forum for ensuring that while the Board of directors oversee the day to day running of OSA, members are involved in all aspects of OSA’s planning.

These meetings offer the opportunity for members to receive industry specific presentations, provide the opportunity to network with colleagues and keep up to date with developments in optical supplying. OSA encourages member collaboration and these meetings are a perfect opportunity for membership input into the organisation.

The last Members’ Meeting was held on 3 April 2023 at Friends House, London. There was a full update from the Chair and Directors on what had been an extremely busy start to 2023.  The meeting discussed the ongoing developments with regards to the OSA’s progress with the E-Health focus group;  the NHS have praised OSA’s ability to provide a voice for all UK suppliers in this field.  There OSA Green Charter was also discussed and it is hoped to get full information on the Charter to members soon.  There were presentations from Nathan Garnett of Media 10 on a hugely successful 100%, as well as from Ann Blackmore on progress to date with regards to MHRA and MDR.

The Autumn Members Meeting is taking place on Tuesday 17 October at Friends House, London.  Members have received the programme for the day which includes discussions on E-Health, Sustainability, 100%,  a European update and a presentation from Dr Angela Smith, Optical Commercial Manager at ASDA.

Focus Groups

OSA members can belong to any of the current Focus Group: Equipment, Frames and Lens. As OSA appeals to a wider range of companies it is anticipated that more Focus Groups will be established.

OSA members supply the UK optical market place. Focus groups ensure that each specific area is promoted to each sector accordingly via training and communication. Each focus group has meetings throughout year and members are kept informed on when they take place. Contact [email protected] for information.

The Focus Groups are currently prioritising the following issues:

Developing accredited training to enable all users of ophthalmic equipment to do so with the highest level of expertise and understanding of the potential of each piece of equipment.

The Frames group will meet to ensure that OSA and 100% Optical continue to meet the needs of eyewear manufacturers and businesses.

Developing accredited training for dispensing opticians to enable them to reduce the number of wearers of varifocal lens spectacles who experience problems (varifocal non-tolerance).