February 15, 2023

Updating diagnostic and treatment technologies to ensure your practice is a local talking point and magnet for referrals is a key objective of OSA members exhibiting at 100% Optical February 25-27th.

Bringing new devices and providing the opportunity to get “hands-on” is a major draw to the London event, believes the OSA.

“People will travel miles to find effective treatment if it resolves the problem of dry eye,” said Kristen Coleman, Operations Manager of Hanson Instruments. “Our aim is to provide a dry eye suite at the show with the technology needed for diagnosis through to effective treatment.  We are looking at getting to the root of dry eye,” he added.  Hanson is sponsoring Professor James Wolffsohn to speak about effective dry eye treatment on the OSA stand on Saturday 25 Feb at 12.30pm.

Grafton Optical will be promoting the DEA Dry Eye Analyser from Moptim, as David Thickens Chief Executive Officer, explained –“This performs a comprehensive examination for complete dry eye diagnosis and management, in one of the smallest and most flexible devices.”

Dry eye screening is also high profile with BIB Ophthalmic Instruments which will demonstrate the SK-MED’s new Digital LED Slit Lamp with automated dry eye analyser in one instrument –

“This is cutting edge in terms of high-resolution anterior imaging combined with automated dry eye analysis,” said Tim Baker, CEO of BIB.

The company will be exhibiting what is claimed to be the fastest Optopol OCT, as Tim explained –“The Optopol REVO FC130 provides the highest definition scans, and minimises the need for re-takes caused by artefacts and eye movement which is common in slower OCTs, so it saves time and improves diagnosis, with wider and deeper scans.”

Birmingham Optical is bringing the latest Nidek Retina Scan Duo 2 OCT to the show with new features and benefits, plus providing an opportunity to upgrade the software for existing Nidek RSD 1 users.

“Clinically valid methods of conducting myopia management and how best to introduce these into your practice whilst maintaining profitability and ensuring better outcomes also has a strong focus on our stand,” said Amanda Higginbotham, Chief Commercial Officer. Instruments to support this include a complete therapeutic station from Oculus with the Myopia Master and K5M as well a new Nidek optical biometer.  “We offer a look into the future with our remote refraction set up, enabling clinicians to refract patients in the consulting room from another location. We have introduced self-testing solutions into pre-test areas making this a more enjoyable experience for patients and less demanding of time for the practice team,” added Amanda.

Heidelberg Engineering will concentrate on its upgradable Spectralis OCT imaging platform and modalities including MultiColor, Bluepeak Autofluorescence and the Glaucoma Module Premium Edition.

“Relied upon by ophthalmologists, photographers, imaging technicians and optometrists the Spectralis allow the operator to take remarkable images through undilated pupils whilst mitigating motion artefacts by using its patented dual beam Tru-Track technology. This becomes even more important when tracking disease progression or wanting to see the smallest change in patients,” said Tosh Vadhia, Managing Director, Heidelberg Engineering UK.  The Heidelberg Engineering Academy who will be offering CPD talks at the show  –Outatime – a glimpse into the future of OCT – Tim Cole/OCTraining Workshop – Zachary Tomlinson

Look out for the lectures on the OSA stand (W330) which are free to attend.  See https://www.100percentoptical.com/seminar-programme-2023 for full  details