January 23, 2023

Optical businesses looking to work with the NHS should sign up for the OSA’s webinar on Wednesday 8th February at 1pm which will lay out the roadmap for supplier working relationships in terms of sustainability.  Organised by the OSA for the entire optical community, this not to be missed event highlights the importance of making the greenest choices as sustainability credentials are stepped up for businesses and care providers.

Ben Calder-Travis, Net Zero and Sustainability Manager with the NHS, will make the presentation following his discussions with OSA Board members.

Roy Stoner, Chair of OSA, explained the significance of the webinar –

“As an industry and profession we need to be ready to meet, and perhaps exceed, the credentials required to work with the NHS.  Our Green Charter is an important first step to encourage the move to net zero and eliminated single use plastics.  At the same time the significant steps we are taking to ensure adaptation and uniformity of AI in optics will maximise these green goals with the efficiencies they bring.

“OSA members and our colleagues in the wider optical community who rely on technology to provide the very best patient care will be keen to engage with the NHS at every level.  This webinar will be the first of many, setting the groundwork for a strong relationship to provide the very best care in the most efficient way possible,” said Roy.

The OSA’s Green Charter – soon to be released – has been devised for the optical community and will provide the foundation for a more comprehensive policy later in the year.

To join the meeting click here – https://bit.ly/3wfqcw6