Creation of OSA Sustainability Committee

July 20, 2021

Conversations about the environment and what we can each individually do to combat climate change has formed part of national discourse for some time now.  This month’s updated report by the Environment Agency concluded that’ there are opportunities to improve health through the choices government, regulators, businesses and individuals make in creating and contributing to healthier, greener and more accessible environments’.  The optical industry is no exception and the OSA will be holding their first Sustainability Committee meeting on Friday 23 July.  All OSA members are welcome to attend to discuss ways forward for the optical manufacturing sector.  OSA members know the huge importance of this issue and companies have already seen the importance of environmentally responsibility – from looking at ways to recycle more often, reduce waste, and reduce our carbon footprint as manufacturers and suppliers and Stuart Burn, OSA Chairman, will be chairing this meeting:

“This is a vital piece of work for all our members to get behind. We all have a duty to reduce the negative impacts we impose on our environment and give our generation and future generations a pathway to sustainability.”

OSA Director Julian Wiles – who was due to host a panel on optical environmental sustainability last year which was sadly postponed due to Covid-19 – adds “if your business does not have an environmental sustainability vision statement, it is something that we strongly urge you to consider producing.  This meeting can discuss how OSA members can implement this and many other positive environmental outcomes for their business.”

Members wishing to attend should contact [email protected]