Frost Optical

January 27, 2024

“Setting a five-year plan for our business is the most important thing I have ever done, and I would urge every practice to do the same thing. It seems a scary proposition, but we had markers to meet and growth plans.  We moved premises and kitted out the new building – so not that different from an optical practice.

“We review monthly and see the importance of setting goals year by year.  Sometimes we have to question ourselves as to why we are not hitting those targets and re-evaluate,” said David, who set up Frost Optical 18 years ago.

The Berkshire-based ophthalmic service and supply business has since grown to a national organisation with 38 employees, 16 of whom are field-based engineers –

“We cover the whole of the UK from Cornwall to the tip of Scotland, with our most northerly engineer based in Aberdeen. We are familiar with most optical technology and our technicians are respected for their know-how. As Keeler’s national service partner we have visited many practices and provide a range of services including calibration of Pulsair tonometers.  Calibration checks are a regular feature on much of the technology, as the slightest variant can have a profound effect for the patient. We also give advice on replacing practice equipment.”

Frost Optical’s service and repair visits come with independent advice from the engineering team on when it makes sense to upgrade and replace equipment. Recognising the same uncertainties related to the current cost of living – on both the supply and retails side, he said –

“We are all dealing with the same rising costs but we can work together on many issues, also dealing with online suppliers.”

Frost Optical has also become a distributor of an inspiring portfolio of practice essentials, including products for diagnosing and treating dry eye, with a meibomian gland analyser – the Meibovue – which can be operated via mobile phone technology for diagnosis and monitoring.  Alongside this, the supporting heat mask, available from Frost, is the iRelief Dry Eye mask, which is endorsed by clinicians at Moorfields Hospital.

“Dry eye is still a major business opportunity for any practice and patients refer their friends when they have successful relief from this problem.  We have worked with the supplier before and are confident in the quality of these products,” he added.