Cosium Software

December 13, 2023

Securing an NHS supply chain contract is no mean feat and suggests an attention to detail and technical skillset which few can rival – exactly what Cosium is currently celebrating.

The unified optic and audio practice management software provider has won the coveted contract for its audiology provision, as UK Managing Director, Colin Hurst, explained –

“This is a very significant contract and signifies a real endorsement for us. We have adapted our product to integrate with NHS in-house systems, and it demonstrates just how flexible our software is for practices.”

Cosium’s combined audiology/optometry system can be modified for each business application but, as more practices take on the provision of hearing aids, the combined software has many advantages –

“In a tough market we are keen to see our users make maximum use of our marketing and customer relationship solutions and to engage with their patients in a variety of ways, whether that’s the traditional methods or potentially integrating into third party applications.”

Cosium, the 20-year-old Versailles-based business, has had a dedicated UK operation for six years.

“We gain much from international businesses in terms of product and application development. The system is very rich in functionality, intuitive and very configurable. This on top of Lab Software integration, Virtual Try-On and eCommerce. Business intelligence and multi-site management are very useful aspects and it is easy to use, even if the business has not had a practice management system before.”

Longstanding OSA members, Cosium appreciates the sustainability advice coming from the group –

“Sustainability was a key part of winning the NHS contract and is a major focus for our French parent company, but in truth we do not have much of a carbon footprint with as many journeys as possible made on public transport. We have installed electric car charging points at our offices and are fortunate that we are not moving a lot of products around the country, plus much of our training and support is provided remotely by the secure cloud-based system.”