October 16, 2023

Julian Clarke, Managing Director


Ensuring your clients’ lasting memory of your business is overwhelmingly positive, is the underlying ethos of Casesco’s support for independents.

Julian Clarke, Managing Director, explains Caseco’s ability to provide branded products that reinforce a quality market position, with well-honed experience from the 26 year old company –

“Most independent practices want to engage long-term with higher spending patients, and so the profile of their business and quality of their merchandise, must reflect that. We supply those inspiring products, whether they are customised or unbranded for retail sale. If you’re a quality business, why would you put your practice name on a cheap giveaway, when you could easily create bespoke items that clients will absolutely cherish over the next two years until they see you again, or for much longer?”

Caseco’s extensive offering of bespoke cases, cloths, lens sprays, boutique bags, cords and premium accessories are designed to elevate the profile of any practice and to be a talking point amongst friends –

“A good example of this are our Peek Reader and So Slim reading specs – a premium product with 0.25D, rather than just 0.50D, increments. A quality practice looks for that higher level of precision. Since the inception of Caseco, and with the late Peter Wood’s legacy, we continue to strive to be a design-led product innovation house for practices, rather than a traditional optical wholesaler.”

Based in the middle of the country, Caseco occupies an office in the Eco Business Centre in Bicester, Oxfordshire – a carbon neutral business hub. The building harvests rainwater, and with heat provided by solar panels. Products are fulfilled from award winning Darcica Logistics, located five minutes from the office, where products are packaged sustainably and delivered to hubs by electric vehicles. Sustainability is an essential element of Caseco’s approach. This sits hand-in-hand with Julian being a key part of the OSA Sustainability Group –

“The extensive work the OSA, and a number of optical suppliers, have put into sustainability advice is increasingly valuable across the sector,” added Julian.

“We value the OSA’s dedicated optical advice, along with the guidance on MRHA and the regulatory environment. The opportunities provided by OSA membership for conversations with colleagues in the supply chain often bring beneficial collaborations.”