BIB Ophthalmic Instruments

November 14, 2023

Tim Baker was considerably ahead of the curve when he started his optical business in 1999 – nearly a quarter of a century later the sustainable choices for re-conditioned and restored technology have come of age.

“I was always horrified by the amount that was going to landfill. It was a massive waste when so much technology had so much usage left in it. There was a great opportunity in the market for recycling and refurbishing,” said Tim.

Still a major part of the Stevenage-based business, with many customers taking satisfaction in the knowledge that their existing kit is being moved along to another customer, Tim and his team are still offering trade-ins, with businesses which are looking to upgrade –

“Apart from frames and lenses, we now supply everything that a practice needs to open, from practice essentials, practice furniture, clinical and diagnostic instrumentation to OCT retinal imaging devices. We are always striving to lead the technology race and looking at future demands. We feed back what we learn for our customers to our manufacturing partners. It is vital to work closely with the R&D sector to develop future pathways of care.”

In terms of staying ahead, BIB has recently entered the world of CPD education for its customers –

“The launch of our BIB education portal has been a huge initiative for us, along with a series of live seminar events around the country. Working with key opinion leaders, we are bringing education to the entire practice team of CLOs, OOs, DOs and front of practice team members.

“The events are not just for the very technically minded, but cover everything from the best way to engage with patients and to give especially new team members a concept of upselling. We want to empower our delegates to set up and run successful myopia management and dry eye clinics, as an example. Our aim is that the entire team will benefit from attending our events.”

BIB is a longstanding OSA member and particularly values the sharing of industry information that it enables –

“It is also great to be part of the optical community, and to hear what others are doing. I see UK optics as very much a cottage industry and we make friends for life.”



Along with many OSA members, BIB is ensuring its business model is as keenly mindful of the environment as the products it supplies.

BIB is fully WEEE compliant (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling) which tracks and ensures the disposal of WEEE items, reducing the burden on landfill, meaning that fewer harmful chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere.

“Further adding to our sustainability initiative, we have invested in electric vehicles and charging points for the team. All lighting has recently been converted to low power LED lighting throughout the offices and warehouse, with future planned off-grid power supply by virtue of solar power.

“All our inbound packaging is recycled and re-used wherever possible and all new packaging, as and when required, is sourced from 100% re-cycled waste material. Sustainability was high on the agenda from the outset, and remains at the forefront of the company’s ethos to this day,” added Tim.