May 19, 2023

The seven-acre wildlife conservation area which sits alongside Hoya in Wrexham is a significant reminder for the team to ensure that sustainability is uppermost in every business decision. The re-wilding of large swathes of the industrial park where Hoya has been sited for more than 40 years has been instigated at a similar time to the company’s drive to become as green as possible.

The drive for sustainability cascades through all aspects of Hoya’s business and reflects the OSA’s Green Charter commitment. While some of Hoya manufacturing takes place overseas, the Wrexham lab does complete much of the UK glazing, surfacing, tinting and coating work, often on a next day delivery.  The experienced team of 210, including four SMC Tech Level 4 technicians, has Martin Batho at the helm as Managing Director.  Martin joined the company when it first moved to Wrexham and has been instrumental in building it to the significant, and respected, position that it has in the market today.

Support for independent customers is key to Hoya’s philosophy, as Andy Sanders, Professional Services Director, explained –

“Our Visionary Alliance brings together a host of other optical businesses to help our independent customers with everything from business advice to securing locums, plus help with marketing and website creation.  We really want our independent partners to thrive – particularly when the market is so challenging, and particularly now when we are seeing the two year patient cycle being stretched.”

Hoya provides online and in-practice CPD, which, in the past 11 months has seen more than 4,500 eyecare professionals attend.  Covering everything from paediatric dispensing, myopia management, colour vision, OCT and glaucoma analysis Hoya has broadened the appeal of its CPD to embrace every possible angle of practice building.

“Our most recent support initiative is a programme to be used in schools by local practitioners.  The toolkit has all the elements needed to present the eye health message to children and their parents, which we have developed.  Already 200 practices are making use of these assets, enabling them to reach out and grow their businesses.”


As a longstanding OSA (and formerly FMO) member, Hoya gains much from being part of the trade organisation –

“It is very valuable for us as a business to gain an insight into the challenges of other industry partners, and to share concerns about the market.  We can gain a lot from seeing how other industry sectors work and the regional meetings and specific focus groups are a great way to keep up with what is happening in the market.  The encouragement of Case 51 student visits to the lab has also been a great benefit for everyone involved in optics, and we are always happy to host these events,” he added.